Airline Worker and Flight Attendant Injury Attorney Paul Greenberg Advocates for Enhanced Safety Procedures Following Deadly Singapore Airlines Turbulence

May 24, 2024

Chicago, Illinois – In the wake of a catastrophic turbulence incident on a Singapore Airlines flight that resulted in over 70 injuries and one fatality earlier this week, Managing Member Paul Greenberg of Briskman Briskman & Greenberg in Chicago, Illinois, emphasizes the urgent need for the airline industry to improve safety protocols for flight attendants and passengers alike.

The recent event has reignited concerns about the risks faced by airline workers and travelers during unforeseen in-flight conditions. According to Greenberg, who represents workers in injury cases and whose firm has helped flight attendants get compensation for their injuries, the incident is not only a tragedy but also a stark reminder of the hazards inherent in the aviation industry. “Flight attendants and crew members are on the frontline of these dangers, yet their work environment is often lacking in the necessary protections,” Greenberg stated.

Greenberg, an experienced airline worker injury lawyer, argues that the current safety measures in place are inadequate in ensuring the well-being of those aboard aircraft. “The incident on the Singapore Airlines flight should be a clear call for the industry to reassess and strengthen its safety procedures,” he said. “Flight attendants deserve a safe work environment, comparable to what is expected in any other sector.”

The turbulence event has raised questions about the effectiveness of existing protocols, particularly in situations where severe weather or unexpected conditions arise suddenly. Greenberg suggests that improved training, better safety equipment, and more rigorous procedures could significantly mitigate the risks associated with such in-flight emergencies.

While acknowledging the inherent unpredictability of air travel, Greenberg insists that more can be done to protect those who make their livelihoods in the skies. “This tragedy must be a catalyst for change. Airlines have a responsibility to safeguard our flight attendants and crew members as well as their passengers,” he affirmed.

Greenberg’s call to action comes as the aviation industry faces increased scrutiny over the safety and well-being of its employees. As investigations into the Singapore Airlines incident continue, the conversation around airline worker safety is expected to intensify.

As the managing member of a law firm that frequently deals with worker injury cases, Greenberg’s perspective holds considerable weight. His experience representing those injured on the job gives him insight into the sometimes devastating consequences of insufficient workplace safety standards.

Greenberg and his firm are committed to advocating for the rights and safety of airline workers, emphasizing that no job should place an individual at unnecessary risk, even at 35,000 feet.

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